Monday, February 8, 2010

Super scarf

Scarf: Gift, handmade, Elsie Flannigan;
Jacket, cardigan: H&M; Jeans, polo: Old Navy;
Boots: Madden Girl

Like my scarf? It was a gift from my brother :) I love it! It's quite narrow but is insanely long- over two Jess' in length in fact! I should ahve fun trying to find new ways to wear it- I'm tryign to figure out some way to make it look braided or woven :D

Madison often confuses 'picture time' with 'play time'. At least it gets me smiling :)

Close up of earrings that are lost in my hair:


futurelint said...

That's so cool! I love how long and narrow it is - it would be neat to try to weave it somehow! Great boots too!

Sher said...

That is long! Be careful ;D

nurmisur said...

I like the scarf, wouldn't know what to do with it though :)
I like your boots also.