Friday, October 30, 2009

Warning: May Induce Twirling

Dress: Be Bop; Sweater: H&M;
Tights: Anne Klein; Shoes: Me Too

I picked up this fun (and short!) dress at TJ Maxx this past weekend along with the tights (they came packaged with the super pink tights I wore earlier this week). This dress is so fun! It came from the JR. section (shocker), and while it is not the highest caliber of materials, I really do love it and see it getting a lot of use. I chose one with a tank top, but it also came with a crew neck short sleeve top, and came in several color options. The thinness makes it easy to layer with, which is ideal since it's kind of teeny for me.

One cannot help but twirl around like a fairy when wearing such a dress.

I like the tank top- and it's even almost warm enough out for it! It is much shorter than I am used to wearing, but it's tights or leggings keep things decent for a woman of my age (*snicker*).

Here you can see the pattern on the tights!

I'm really enjoying my darker hair color!

And why yes, I *am* wearing the world's sparkliest nail polish! It's actually a sparkly sheer blue that is loaded with glitter over a black creme. Click to enbiggen! (you can always click to enbiggen of course, but I left this pic bigger than usual).

Hmmmm. I think I know what we'll be doing this weekend in addition to handing out candy. Good thing we have two rakes! Now if we could only train the dog to handle one...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I hope no one notices...

Shirt: Banana Republic; Cardigan: Old Navy;
Jeans: Gap; Shoes: Target

I totally spilled a ton of tea down the front of my shirt this morning. It's pretty light so it should come out in the wash. I'm actually a little surprised I don't do this more!

For kicks, here is a picture where my dog looks to be the size of a small horse:

My friend wished me a happy 'Lil' Friday' this morning and I found it quite amusing, so Happy Lil' Friday everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sweater: Eddie Bauer; Shirt: NY & Co;
Pants; Gap; Shoes: Rocket Dog

Blast! I only took one picture because I though it came out fine. You get blurry preppy Jess today :) I like the look of a button down shirt under a sweater and decided to give it a try- it's pretty comfortable despite the weird layering you get with two different sized shirts. I just love the bright teal color of the sweater :)

Another contact day- still not used to them and am constantly convinced they are trying to leap off my eyeballs. Thankfully I have yet to have one go awol.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grey stripe day 2

Cardigan, shirt: H&M; Skirt: Gap;
Tights, belt: Anne Klein;
Shoes: Me Too

Again with the grey stripes! Also more grey and purple. Maybe I'll just go for a theme week :D The tights and belt we also purchased this weekend- and do you see how happy these awesome tights are making me???

*Such* a great color. They are also very comfortable- very soft. Also, they are not control top, which I shall try to never purchase again. Previously I was under the crazed assumption that's what I should be buying, but I never make a point of encasing my torso in spandex on other days, so why should tights be any different?

This belt and my shoes from yesterday are clearly sole mates what with their purpleness and teeny studs!

More comfy shoes!

Back to glasses, and more properly straightened hair :P I am taking the night off front the gym so the husband will actually get to see me all dolled up! I've owned the skirt for years but haven't worn it in awhile as it's kind of business-y, but for these tights I would wear just about anything :)

Grey stripe day 1

Cardigan: Old Navy; Shirt & Pants: NY & Co;
Belt: Betsey Johnson via TJ Maxx;
Shoes: Me Too

I apologize for the horrible picture- the sun was determined to get some blog action for itself.

I picked this belt up (and the shoes! and other fun stuff!) this weekend at TJ Maxx and was very excited to give it a try, even with my husbands many jokes about it being so 80s-tastic. I rummaged around my closet trying a few different things and wound up with a grey striped shirt and grey striped pants. What can I say- I like grey and stripes!

The belt is all it's bigness!

If you don't own any shoes by Me Too you are denying your feet their due happiness in life. Seriously- so comfortable! And they're purple! And ruffly! With little teeny studs things! Eeek!

I am testing out some new contacts so you'll see them a few times this week. I am not quite used to how I look without my glasses though- is that really me??? I'm going to be shopping for some frames too- maybe some cheap ones so I can have a few different ones to mix things up. I really love glasses and don't think Ill be switching back over to contacts 100% but it's always nice to have options!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pasiley is totally coming back

Cardigan: H&M; blouse: NY&Co;
Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Nine West;
Pashmina: ? consignment shop

This week I officially reached 10% weight lost, so I celebrated with what else? Clothes! 2 scarves to be exact. Excuse me, 2 Pashminas! I got this teal one with some sort of paisley pattern and a very nice plain tea green one. While I don't usually think of myself as a mushy, sentimental gal, I do have a tendency to attach significance to clothing and accessories, so I will probably always think of this scarf (and the green one!) as 'that scarf I bought when I finally lost 10%'.

I left this picture big so you can sort of see the pattern.

These shoes are starting to get a little worn (I think there's dog drool on the right shoe- eww), but I love them still. I think they give an outfit a casual but funky feel, which I dig. Scarves like this do that too for me.

Holy carp its Thursday already! Where does the time go?

p.s. in case you were wondering, watching a large dog try to lick the inside of a (nearly) empty tuna can on tile is *hysterical*. Poor beast.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Jess in dress action

Cardigan: H&M; Dress: INC via consignment;
Heels; Franco Sarto; Necklace: F21

After the rousing success of my last day dress, I kept my eyes open for possible new contenders at my local consignment shop and scored this fun navy number that same day! I initially had visions of this dress with mustard yellow or maybe rust orange tights, but I don't any of those and was tired of waiting to wear it. I dug through my sad hosiery drawer and wound up with these- kind of a weird mushroom-y color. I know opaque tights are what is in right now, but when I had to dress on it just seemed like so much dark- darker tights were adding a lot of bulk on my lower legs which are not actually bulky at all thankyouverymuch. So these wound up being a perfect pairing, except it was all still kind of dark and just blah. Thin green cardigan to the rescue! When I first purchase the cardigan I worried I wouldn't get a lot of use because it is so thin, but that has turned out to be a major asset- it's an excellent layering piece and here it's weird short length is perfect! Plus it added some much need brightness. So while this is totally not how I envisioned wearing the dress (except for the shoes), I love the way it came out!

I've had these shoes for awhile and they are great- very comfortable and they have a cool distressed finish.

They've kept me on he dance floor at many a wedding.

I like the knot detailing on the bust of this dress, though it does make things quite, er, busty. but in a flattering way I think!

A perfect time for gold tone earring with blue green stones, don't you think?

Hooray for a warmer day today! I contemplated going bare-legged (better to show off my fun blue nail polish) but really, it's not that warm.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm starting to imitate myself.... poorly.

Cardigan, Pants; Old Navy;
Shirt: Banana Republic; Shoes: BCBG Girls

This morning I was running late and hadn't really planned anything to wear. When I walked into my closet to find something I saw this shirt and thought it was about time I took it off the hanger again! Grey pants were sort of an easy guess, and I tried a few other toppers, but then just settled on this loose and comfy cardigan. I think the colors of the cardigan and pants look a bit better in person, but the shirt really looks best on its own. Its some sort of shiny clingy fabric... This combination of colors is one I keep turning to, or at least it feels that way.

I finally dyed my hair this weekend! Of course, I had no time to style it for real this morning, so you get a half hearted blow-out. I will plan better tomorrow morning :)

I wore a watch! Yay watch! This was a gift from my husband many years ago- his first gift to me actually! I love it, but I think a link comes out- it moves around on my wrist too much which is driving me nuts! I have fixed the date on the watch :)
Watch: Bullova

Friday, October 16, 2009

Glorious cotton

Cardigan: Loft; Shirt; Target;
Cords: Gap; Shoes: Miss Me

Ahh cotton. Wonderful, glorious, delightfully warm and not itchy cotton. I am swathed in your awesomeness and am quite pleased about it.

See the happy face? And for the record, I'm well aware I'm in desperate need of a dye job. Its just fitting it in is a bit tricky.

I thought today was a gnome day. I shortened up the cording so he sits appropriately- what a great feature for a necklace to have!

The hardest thing about getting dressed this morning was deciding what shoes to wear. I kind of wanted to wear red shoes, and even though I'm inside all day and could have gotten away with wearing my red wedges, I decided against cheating. It's just not right when it's 43 degrees outside to wear summer shoes inside! I *definitely* need more shoes. Definitely.

Also decided to change up the earrings a bit. I often overlook these, but they're really cute and should get more action.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Relying on color

Jacket: Banana Republic; t-shirt: Puma;
Jeans: Old Navy; belt: Ralph Lauren;
Shoes: Me Too

I am completely relying on the colors up top to make this outfit interesting. I tried some necklaces, but everything seemed to compete with the sparkly logo and just seemed like a little too much, so I decided the bright colors were good enough. This absurd shirt is one of the items in my closet that makes me wonder what crack I was smoking when I bought it. First off- it's a sparkly logo shirt. Huh? Second of all, it is elfin sized and I am not. This shirt is rather tiny- so tiny I don't see myself wearing it solo anytime soon. You know what the worst part is? I have another one! At least that one isn't sparkly, but it is a teeny tiny puma logo shirt. I mean, I like Puma, but I don't *love* Puma. I believe I was in the 'I need nicer shirts than my free college t-shirts, but I don't really want to buy real shirts' phase. But I am determined to wear more of the items in my closet and combine things in new ways, so we get sparkly miniature logo t-shirts.

See; sparkly and elfin.
But you have to admit, kind of cute and certainly a pretty color!

I did at least wear fun earrings!

Wooooooo! Thursday!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

seeking warmth

Sweater: Banana Republic; Pants: J Crew;
Shoes: Audrey Brooke; Necklace: F21

It is definitely sweater season. Which means for me, it is itchy season. I have yet to find a sweater that doesn't make me want to rip my arms off at least a little. Cardigans, well those are fine. But for some reason all my sweaters drive me at least a little bonkers. Perhaps it's the looser arms on cardigans? The lighter weight nature of them?

Instead of trying to hide my belt, which always ends up looking lumpy and terrible, I'm instead purposefully hiking the sweater up a bit to make it more purposeful. It feels catalog-y to me.

It's a pretty simple and boring outfit, but I like simple and boring it turns out :) I tried piling on a few other necklaces to make it a little more interesting, but found that none of it looked right so I went with just the leaves (which I do love).

Tassels! I love the tassels.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New favorite color combo

Cardigan, skirt: Old Navy;
T & Leggings: NY& Co;
Shoes: Steve Madden

Purple and gray is my new favorite color combination. Favoritest! and not just because it allows me to wear these ridiculously awesome shoes, though admittedly that does help. It's a great way for to wear the greatest color of all, purple, without it being too obnoxious. I often find that purple in clothing stands out too much to me in a bad way. Gray tempers it a bit and seems to be the perfect complement.

I nabbed this t-shirt at NY&Co the other day, as well as these nifty leggings. Everything is on sale at that store. For reals.

See the cute ruching at the bottom? $9 people!

I am digging my cute little outfit today. Sadly though, it isn't exactly seasonally appropriate.

I had to break out a scarf. An actual winter scarf.

Like how it matches the walls of my craft room?