Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Closing up shop

I've thoroughly enjoyed having a fashion blog and being a member of the strong community surrounding daily fashion blogs, however I have decided to stop blogging. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and comment- it added so much to the process for me! I feel like I have gained much from this experience and I look forward to continuing to see what everyone is wearing and what they're up to, but I'll simply be a spectator going forward.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super scarf

Scarf: Gift, handmade, Elsie Flannigan;
Jacket, cardigan: H&M; Jeans, polo: Old Navy;
Boots: Madden Girl

Like my scarf? It was a gift from my brother :) I love it! It's quite narrow but is insanely long- over two Jess' in length in fact! I should ahve fun trying to find new ways to wear it- I'm tryign to figure out some way to make it look braided or woven :D

Madison often confuses 'picture time' with 'play time'. At least it gets me smiling :)

Close up of earrings that are lost in my hair:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Matchy McMatchersons

I'm picture challenged. I think I got it all figured out. These are from Tuesday.

Sweater: Loft; Shirt, Jeans: Gap;
Shoes: Target

Look! It's grey and a sweater that isn't purple! I really had to resist the urge to pair purple with this. Blue is a nice color too.

After I had gotten dressed, I realized that I managed to match my nails and my shoes. It happens. Polish is black matte and silver from Hot Topic. Buying them, I couldn't help but giggle immensely. I recommend the silver, but not the black.

Lastly, I was in NY visitng my family recently to celebrate my step father's retirement, and since my 30th birthday is coming up, my parents gave me my present. It's a lovely necklace, but more than that it's a fairly sentimental piece. The center stone is from a ring my grandmother (on m mom's side) had. For many years, my mom then had it, and she gave it to me. The ring was a lovely old setting but didn't fit and the band was no longer in great shape, and she always said she wanted to re-set it for me. So for my birthday they had it set in this lovely necklace! The best part? My mom took another ring also from her mom and had it set in a similar setting for herself. So now we're necklace buddies :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

blog issues

hey guys- i'm having some picture upload related issues, so until i get things figured out i guess no posts.
sad :(

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deceptively Warm

Dress: Context? via consignment;
Jacket: Banana Republic; boots: Volatile

After seeing Tina's Target dress, I have had the urge to wear this one, which from a distance looks similar (at least to me). I had been yearning for orange tights to pair it with, but own no such tights. Why it didn't occur to me until I was staring at my jacket/sweater section of my closet this morning that I could wear my *orange jacket* instead, is beyond me! I was not only pleased with the way this all looks together, but was also happy with all the warmth! I have an undershirt under the dress and of course tall socks under the boots, so I was nice and toasty all day long!

I had been eying these boots online for ages, but in the picture they appear much lighter so I never thought they would be practical enough for me to buy. I decided to just give them a try because they looked so fun, and I'm glad I did! I really love this darker color and some cushiony inserts make the tall heel fairly manageable.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Really old and really new

Blazer: Eddie Bauer; Shirt; NY&Co;
Cami: Old Navy; Pants: J Crew;
Shoes: BCBG Girls

The pants are old. Really, really old. They were purchased during a big shopping trip with my mom shortly after I started my first post-college job, looking for big girl clothes. They've been shortened and subsequently let out a few years later. They're still in excellent condition, and are probably the warmest pants I own. Despite their all around awesomeness of pattern and a pretty forgiving cut, I don't think I've ever known how to wear them until right now. In the past, all I remember pairing them with is a fitted black turtleneck and black clunky shoes, which looked nowhere near as good as a purple velvet blazer does! But I didn't own a purple blazer until...

Saturday! Yes, this gorgeous blazer, which was originally $80, down to $50, was now finally down to $19.99! It is also offered in black (with a purple lining!) and is highly recommended. Detail shot is below- you can see just how pretty it is! You can also see my necklace, which was a gift and my green (!) cami. I usually try to stay away from pairing purple and bright green together, as they remind of Halloween. Not that I don't love Halloween, because actually it is my favorite time of year, but I don't like looking like a holiday- you will also see very little red and green together on me. But I thought little bit of extra color was a nice addition. While this outfit has much offer in terms of texture, I was wary of pins or scarves because of the toasty pants and my general fear of stabbing my clothing.

Proof that I was in fact wearing shoes- I think the pants give me gumby feet.

And yes, that is a framed picture of my dog hanging in our entryway. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Prima perhaps?

Jacket; Liz Claiborne, pants: Gap;
Sweater; Loft; Flats: Nine West

A pretty simple outfit for today in terms of pieces, but I don't think it's boring. It's hard for hot pink suede to be boring :) I bought this jacket at my local consignment shop many moons ago, but it took just shy of forever for me to get a can of spray protectant for it, but it is finally sprayed and I feel comfortable exposing it to the dangers of my untidy life! At first I wished I could add a pin to this outfit, but I wouldn't dare stab wither the sweater or jacket with a pin, but the simplicity of it all has grown on me this morning. I finished it off with some fun black pearls.

This shot does a better job showing of the fantabulous pink color! i have to say though, something about this color combination makes me think of scrapbooking. Must have been the color scheme of a header I've seen on some blog or website! funny what memories clothing can dig up...

There is some excitement in my outfit today- I have super-disco-sparkly-nails! The base color is actually a dark green shimmer. I yearn for warm weather so that my hands can actually be exposed outside- my nail polish will look so much better in direct sunlight!