Monday, November 30, 2009

frizzy beast no more

Jacket: Gap; Shirt: F21;
Pants: NY&Co; Shoes: Me Too

Hello there! I hope those of you in the states had a fine Thanksgiving holiday, and everyone else had a good week :) work got a little crazy for me, and then we went to NY for the week to see my family, so that should put to rest any concerns that maybe I wasn't posting due to falling down some giant well somewhere.

While in NY with my family we celebrated an early Hanukkah, and I received the #1 thing on my list from my parents- a heart rate monitor watch! Yes, I am kind of a dork. But a well documented dork :P Here it is in all it's glory:

Expect to see it a bit more this week! Also expect looser shirts as it requires a chest strap and I want to avoid an unsightly bulges.

If my hair were not in the way, you could easily see how I paired my ultra fun sparkly purple flower pin with my purple pirate shirt.

But mostly you just see my hair- luckily it is in much better shape! I got a haircut while home and it is making a big difference!

A fun shirt calls for fun earrings.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rehearsal dress

I bought this dress about 2.5 years ago for my wedding rehearsal dinner and I haven't worn it since, so it's exciting to break it back out! I didn't really know how to wear it then, and was really tired and rushed so I just threw on my flip flops and threw my hair up in a bun and called it a day. I was so uber coiffed on my actual wedding day though I think it balanced out. I really think the belting adds a lot to this dress- it's probably not the best shape for me but the belt makes it work! I think it looks best without the sweater, but it's just too cold right now- look for it in the warmer weather solo!

This picture of me elicits one reaction: pale arms FTW!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bouncy bouncy

Cardigan: Old Navy; Shirt: Banana Republic;
Pants; NY&Co; Shoes: Nine West

I have several pair of shoes at this all important mid-height, but for some reason I haven't been wearing them. They were all perfect for when I was working in an office but now that I'm home I can wear my most impractical shoes! Mostly they are summer shoes, but these slings backs are more of a warm weather shoe being closed toe and velvet.

I cleaned these earrings this morning so they look nicer. Not that you can really tell because I couldn't get a good picture. Someone seemed convinced that it was the perfect time to jump around on the bed.

She may look like she's lounging, but really she's like a coiled spring ready to pounce!

She says taking pictures sucks- let's go for a walk!

Who am I to disagree with the princess? Time for a walk!

Monday, November 16, 2009

insert title here

Jacket: Banana Republic; Polo: Old Navy;
Jeans & Scarf: Gap; Shoes; Rocket Dog

I really hate it when I forget to add titles to my post. Just had to say that :P

This was a comfy Fall outfit- perfect for taking a pup out for a lunch-time walk! I've had these jeans for a-g-e-s, but have not worn them in almost as long. They have no stretch to them so it's quite an adjustment from my normal jean wearing experience.

Somehow they still have managed to become totally frayed in the back- it gives them character!

This scarf is super duper soft and oh-so pretty! It is also not at all itchy.

For a change I decided to wear this big cocktail ring. It's the only such ring I own, and always make me want to get more. It does not agree with pants pockets all the time though :P

Friday, November 13, 2009

Something Different

Jacket: Gap; Jeans: Old Navy;
Black shirt: Express (ooooooooold);
Shoes: Chinese Laundry; Necklace: Laila Rowe

I think this is a bit of a departure from my normal style. I was going for different and comfortable and I feel like I hit both- I certainly am comfy today! This shirt is old. OMG is it old. Express Blues old. But it seems to have held up pretty well so way to go Express! The picture above was highly doctored as the light turned out to be terrible- so apologies if it looks kind of off.

Here you can see the actual colors in my top and necklace better.

Lets all just pretend my right shoe looks exactly like my left shoe.

Have a great weekend everyone! We're going to take the Madinator out for a little hike today- should be fun all around.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cardigan: Old Navy; Sweater: Banana Republic;
Pants: NY & Co; Shoes: Me Too;
Scarf: I totally forgot- my mom bought it for me :)

Hmmmmm. The lighting was not so great today and the camera battery was threatening to run out at any moment so I kind of rushed- hopefully the picture above isn't terrible! I thought ti was high time for another scarf day. And a pin! Because I love this pin and it goes great with purple. And yellow. And clothes.

Here is my pretty purple pin! I actually did not pin it through the scarf but it's hugging the material. More like a semi-death grip actually. It slowly slides down over time but not enough to be worrisome. I just have to adjust it every once in awhile. Actually, that may be more due to the fact that it just pulls the whole side of the scarf down. Anywho- I'm trying to not keep my house like a sauna- some nonsense about heating bills being too high- so the scarf and cardigan combo are working out awesomely for me. I predict many more scarves in the coming cold months!

Another bracelet! this one is a long time favorite of mine. It has an extra set of giraffes though- why are giraffes so special? Also a gift from mom :)

Super awesome comfy shoes. Nuff said.

And here I am in all my frizzy glory! We got a food scale so it's been nothing but thrills and chills here! It actually is very handy and kind of entertaining :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New location

Cardigan: ATL; Pants; Old Navy;
Cami: BR; Shoes: Me Too

Since Mr. Sun is clearly anti-fashion blog picture taking, I'm going to try a new room in the house. I'm running out of places where I can balance my camera, so hopefully this one works! This cardigan is so soft and cozy making it perfect to wear as a shirt with just a cami underneath.

This cami has such pretty lace it's nice when I can show it off. The kitty pin still has no real back but the scotch taped safety pin seems to be working just fine :)

I think Madison approves of taking pictures in the guest room!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hem dragger

Cardigan, Shirt: Target; Pants; NY&Co

I've been wearing jeans a lot lately but it's good to be back in slacks. I always forget how wide leg these pants are- I love the relaxed chic feel a wide leg pant gives. Like i should bee dashing off to lunch somewhere fabulous in between shopping and meeting with my investment manager to discuss how much interest I'm earning... Do pants do that to you too?

I am trying out a bracelet on my left wrist today. I tend to favor chunky bracelets or ones with dangly bits on my right wrist- you know, the optimal combination for getting in my way at work. so today I'm giving a smaller bracelet a try on my non-mouse hand. So far it's working out great! Perhaps this is a simple way for me to incorporate more wrist accessories into my work day attire!

Normally i would wear more of a heel with these pants, but today I'm rocking flats. I'll have to go change my footwear now so I can take the beast out for a walk!

Totally Unrelated: this is my 100th post! Triple digits baby!

Monday, November 9, 2009


The past week or so I've been not as focused on fashion, but rest assured I have not been wandering the streets naked! I've just been taking advantage of repetition- or falling back on already tested out combinations. In some ways it's been not as fun- I've gotten used to to the daily task of trying to think of new ways to pair things or liven up something I've worn a dozen times. But it's also a nice relief- I feel pretty confident I can easily take a minute to zip into my closet and emerge looking like halfway decent.

So today is another one of those days. Nothing new or particularly special about what I'm wearing, but it sure beats looking like a hobo!

And yes, I'm totally wearing flip flops because It is actually that warm here! It's the last day of our little heat wave so back to more seasonally appropriate footwear tomorrow.

Trucker style

Recently some friends of mine started a cross country journey- it was two burly truckers, a moving truck, and a yearning for wide open spaces. And 2 iPhones giving constant updates on Trip Tracker and Facebook :P Here is three of us are, me doing my best to balance out the trucker-ness. Do they not look authentic?

Here are the rough and tumble truckers trying to reason with the dog to pose properly. It's an important part of trucking to adequately document all aspects of the journey.

She kept trying to steal their (prop) cigarettes :) those SQL loving vegetarian truckers are so tough.

Morning IHOP run

Often on Saturday or Sunday morning my husband and I will just get up, throw on whatever clothes are lying nearest and head out to IHOP for some breakfast and then to grocery shopping. This is me on one such morning! Since starting this blog I am pleased to report that these weekend pancake runs are rarely made in the same old ratty sweatshirt or yore.

Here also is a rare example of me in outerwear. This big pashmina kept my neck nice and toasty and brightened things up.

Here is my go-to purse. I rarely change my purse anymore and am usually using this bag. It's big and can take a beating, so I love it. I got it on sale at a Coach outlet a few years ago, so it certainly isn't current in the world of handbags, but I think it's a simple enough design to always look good. And who doesn't like burgundy suede?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hiding from the sun

The sun is out to get me again today, so we'll just pretend these photos are artsy.

It's another wee shirt- going for easy and casual before I have to resort to the full body sweater to battle the winter chill. the Jess was not made for cold weather!