Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jacket: Gap; Blouse: J Crew;
Cami: Old Navy; Jeans: Old Navy;
Flats: Me Too

Yeah, these are the same shoes I wore at the wedding. They were also my airport shoes on my way home this past Sunday- they're so versatile! Usually I wear an oatmeal colored cami under this shirt to not draw attention to it's sheer-ness, but today I opted for a dark brown and some open buttons- kind of fun!

I'm back!

I should probably start with: I went away! I spent the past few days in CA for a friend's wedding- and had a blast! The weather was absolutely gorgeous- none of the nasty humidity plaguing Kentucky (and my former home DC- why can't I get away from that stuff?). It was also delightfully bug free- our house must have been built on a bug metropolis. Bug bites are my least favorite fashion accessory. I kept it pretty casual during non wedding events- pritned tees, shorts & light cardigans. Here is a perfect example of me enjoying some delicious cheap mexican food on the beach wearing such a combo.

I was a bridesmaid at said wedding, and the bride had one instruction: wear a navy blue dress. I was really looking forward to wearing my cute navy blue dress and it did not disappoint me! I got many compliments on it all day.

(Me after the wedding- the hair held up pretty well!)

Since the wedding was outside at a home, I opted for flats. Not the most exciting footwear choice, but I also didn't fall, which I take as a major accomplishment given the cobblestone paths I had to walk on. Due to it being June in CA, hair up was the only option. I once again turned to Kasmira's lazy girl updo, and it was nice and secure. I haven't done it enough to master the cute poof like Kasmira, but one day I'll get there!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A day of favorites

Blazer: Gap; Shirt: NY & Co;
Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Me Too;
Necklace: Icing (?)

Last week generally sucked, so I'm starting this week off with some favorite pieces! This is my favorite-est blazer ever (normally the pocket behaves). It was banished to the 'to be dry-cleaned' pile for a long time, but it has since been cleaned and welcomed back into the rotation. This is a simple outfit but it makes me feel great- I love the bright red beads and everything is very, very comfortable.

Graduated beads- fun!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Why I should iron more often

Jeans: Eddie Bauer; Cardigan: Old Navy;
Polo: Old Navy; Shoes: Rocketdog

I'm not the best at getting my ironing done in a timely manner, and things sometimes sit for awhile. These jeans had been tucked away to be ironed for so long I actually forgot I owned them! So it was a pleasant surprise recently when I finally got to the pile and discovered them again. I wish they were a darker wash, but love them for the fit. I think it's much more flattering than some of my other pants, and they currently do not require me to wear a belt for them to stay put!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Take *that* office dress code!

Cardigan: Target; Shirt: Gap;
Pants: Express; Flips Flops: J Crew;
Necklace: gift, cleaned!; Bracelets: Target

One of the obvious perks of working from home is the ability to wear whatever I feel like. When I was in an office, I sometimes skirted the rules of office appropriate attire, but only to the side of too casual, never too revealing (my commuter shoes often hung around after the commute was complete). This outfit is a prime example of something I could never have worn to the office, the shirt in particular. Technically capris are also a no-no, although since our manager likes dressy capris, that gets partially overlooked. These pants however, are just asking for it. Flip flops- the commuter shoes of choice for DC summer, are of course a no-no as well.

Remember when Gap was selling these shirts? Everyone under the sun bought like 5 of them. I also had a white one, but it is long gone. 80s turquoise is all that remains. I think the front is a bit revealing when there is not a pile of hair or a cardigan in the way, though nothing extreme. This bigger issue with dress code adherence is the back.

Sure when my hair is down and laying all the way back perfectly, it is an appropriate cover, but hair is not a reliable modesty layer, and I don't want to be chained to a cardigan in summer when sleeves are already involved. Personally, I feel more exposed showing off skin on my back versus my chest- I guess because showing some skin on the chest is just more common (at least in my wardrobe).

Then there is the other matter. Technically, tattoos are not to be seen according to the office dress code. Lots of people feel free to show their tattoos at work anyway (dress code enforcement is not high at my office), but I think the combination of more revealing than normal clothing + tattoos that normally would not be on display is just a bit much to overlook in the conservative corporate culture I work in. Or did. Because quite frankly I could be nekkid these days and no one would know! Regardless, I personally find this top pushes my comfort zone on the basis of quantity of skin shown regardless of what else might be put on display and preferred to keep this a weekend shirt.

Tattoos are interesting- really they tell you absolutely nothing about the person. They don't make you tougher or deeper, they don't mean you ran with a bad crowd when you were younger. Yet people are always surprised when they see what I have. My wedding dress was strapless, so the ink along the top of my back was on full display, and when my manager saw the pictures I got the usual 'I had no idea you had so many!', said with a shocked gasp. Was she surprised they did not interfere with my ability to calculate stats? That somehow the ink should have seeped into my brain blocking my ability to understand detailed business concepts? The implication was clear: societal norms dictate that a person in my position was not supposed to have more than one, maybe two, and they should be small. I have 3 large flowers and 6 butterflies on the top of my back, in addition to two other tattoos elsewhere. I was always a 'good kid' and am now your basic yuppy. I have a degree in math not art, and I like to scrapbook. The sad fact is that so many people in society think these things cannot go together, when in fact they often do. None of us are one dimensional, yet society as a unit seems to think everyone should be.

I'm generally a modest dresser, but on the rare occasion my tattoos do see the light of day, I think it's good for people to see them, especially people who already know me in another context. It's important for people to understand that while my tattoos may be special to *me*, they essentially mean nothing to the outside world. They do not alter a persons' behavior or relay any meaningful information about personality, intelligence, or probability that the person was just up to no good in their youth.

Well, that turned out much longer than anticipated. For another diatribe, ask me about hair color! I've had lots! Shockingly, I still managed to get a college degree and not be a crackhead despite my penchant for Manic Panic.

I leave you with something less serious: look at my pretty bracelets! I got them at Target and am quite pleased. They are a basic jewelry item I've wanted for awhile but I never saw ones for sale I really liked.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

brown, brown, brown... pink!

Top, Cardigan, Necklace: Target;
Pants: Gap; Shoes: Chinese Laundry;
Bangles: Old Navy; Earrings: Girl Scouts of America

So from the ankles up, this is outfit is pretty good- a little bland on the color front, but nice and pretty put together (I think). The top has shades of green, but it all sort of falls into the brownish-neutral camp. But the shoes, oh the shoes! They add such excitement! Pizazz! They're so pink! And pointy! Pointy and Pink!! Whenever I used to wear these to the office, that's the general reaction I got.

I picked up the top, cardi and necklace all at Target the other day and I love all of them! I tried very hard to make sure I only purchased things with natural fibers- although the cardigan is 6% nylon, 2% spandex. Whatever- it's so soft! I was stoked to find a long, multi strand gold tone necklace with some personality, even if it came from a mass retailer.

I threw on the bracelets because I thought I needed at least a little color above my ankles. Somehow these rang up for $0.98- I wasn't going to argue with that!

I don't own many small gold tone earrings, so these get a fair amount of use. They make me smile :)

It took me about half about hour to produce what most women with straight hair would probably consider a very basic hairstyle. I like it a lot, hopefully I can get this down to a more respectable time frame- getting the clipped in part to look right took a surprising amount of time.

Now on to the really important question- which bag??? The gray one in my right hand is the one I usually use, because I love it, but the green one is a touch more fun. Is the green too matchy? Is the gray too bland? Do tell! Also featured is the bane of all light colored pants, to my far left.
Gray bag: Kenneth Cole
Green bag: Gap

Monday, June 15, 2009

Phinny would have liked my shoes

Scarf: World Market; Jeans: Old Navy;
Shirt: Express; Shoes: Target;
Earrings: ???

I got some crappy news yesterday. Devastatingly crappy. Our family dog Phineas said goodbye. He lived a long and happy life and he is truly missed.

One of Phinny's better qualities was his personality- he was a silly dog and never lost that puppy mentality. Because of that, I feel he would have liked my shoes. They're ridiculous and he was ridiculous. I got them at Target yesterday before I got the news.

I picked these earring up, somewhere. No idea. A few years ago I decided I needed to try wearing big earrings more often. I like these a lot and they are about as big as I can handle. They get totally tangled in my hair so they work best when it is up.

It is entirely possible I have had that black shirt since high school.

These shoes kind of cheer me up. Seriously- glittery animal print. Who needs that???

*Note: Phinny lived with my parents, and is not the black dog Madison I've shown here before. Madison is doing quite well and has been an excellent source of consolation. Dogs really can sense emotion.

Long jeans

I wore this on Saturday for dinner out. My hair is still wet here- it looks terrible wet!

Blouse: Nine West; Jacket: H&M;
Jeans: Lucky; Shoes: Tribeca;
Necklace: via Macy's;
Bag: Aldo

This is easily one of my most favorite shirts. It's a fun feminine shape and have my favorite color combo- blue and green! Seeing it with the cami here I am embarrassed to admit I used to wear it without anything underneath- even to the office! I think I'll stick with an underpinning from now on. Both the top and jeans came via Lord and Taylor. The office I used to work in was across the street from a L&T and I really do miss being able to shop there. I used to always get coupons in the mail and they had excellent selection. I knew if I needed a dress or bathing suit, I need go nowhere else- L&T had my back. Alas, there does not appear to be a L&T anywhere near me now. Next time I'm in DC, I will pay L&T a visit.

I bought this multi-strand necklace without this shirt in mind, but have since found it to be the perfect necklace to wear with the top- It fills the negative space well without competing with the colorful print.

What can I say, I *love* these shoes. I've been itching to wear them since I purchased them a few days ago, but haven't really had occasion to wear such a high heel. To be honest, they are not particularly comfortable. Not only is the heel quite high, but the criss-cross straps put some unpleasant pressure on the top of my foot. They are also a real pia to get into (taking them off is pretty easy though). Regardless, I still love them and hope after a few more wears they will be broken in enough such that the straps aren't putting my feet into a death grip and I can get them on without too much trouble.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Get thee to a cobbler

Jacket: Old Navy; Blouse: H&M;
Slacks: NY&Co, consignment shop;
Shoes: Nine West;
Necklace: Gift via Overstock.com

Sorry for the darkness- it's been cloudy and overcast in between the rain for the past few days. I love this little red swingy jacket I got from Old Navy, but felt weird about wearing it inside- it has such a coat-ish feel to it, as opposed to some of the other blazers I own. I saw Kasmira wearing a similar coat-ish feeling little jacket the other day, and she was content to wear hers all day in her office, so I decided I needed to get over my neuroses and wear the darn jacket!

I *love* these shoes! I've had them for a few years now and have gotten my money's worth and then some out of them. The mid height heel makes them good for all day wear including actually walking for more than a brief trip to the copier.

Alas, I have not been checking them properly though and have let the heels wear down far too much. I'm hoping a good cobbler will be ab;e to repair them so they look good and stop making a horrible clicking noise when I wear them on tile!

This black pearl necklace was a gift from my in-laws. It's quite nice but doesn't get a lot of wear- I think I need to change that!

Arrrr! gyle

Outfit from Wednesday:

I'm not sure why I look so grumpy in that second picture- my day was going just fine! The argyle zip-up was a gift from my mom. It's cashmere, and has caused me to rethink the thread overall. It is *extremely* comfortable. This is my favorite white button down- I have it in a light blue as well but the white one is better. It just is.

As you can see from the close up, my weather proofing spray used on these flats is past it's prime- time for a new can!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Closet Raid!

Blazer: H&M; Shell: Gap;
Pants: J Crew; Shoes: Chinese Laundry;
Earrings: ???

It is both fun and puzzling to go through clothing that you haven't worn in a really long time.
The fun: its like getting all new free clothes without the effort of actually shopping!
The puzzling: sometimes you can't help but wonder, why did I buy this?

Ok, so I don't hate my outfit today, but I've been going through my closet lately and these are the feelings I've had. These pants are oooooold. I have very mixed feelings about them- they're super casual and comfy (great!), but because they are so long, they necessitate heels (odd combo). So the blazer. I wore this only a few times after buying it before it no longer fit, so my memory of it was not the best. It is a much longer cut that I remember. To me, It feels like perhaps it is too long. I know the style right now is a longer, mannish blazer, but I'm unsure about it. I'm willing to give it a few more tries though, because it's a great lightweight navy material, and the slim fit is pretty good (slim and long, not evil I guess). Also, it has some really nice stitching detail on it:

I love the mermaid-y feel of the sequiny bits on this top. The fit isn't the best- it does that weird drapey thing where the armholes are a bit large. The cut of the neckline is one where normally I would wear a necklace, but there's so much going on with the sparkly bits a necklace seems like a bad idea. I like the way this top looks under the navy blazer- the jacket keeps the sparkly bits in check!

Look! Dangly earrings! I really like these, but just rarely wear dangly earrings. It's a shame because I love these colors together. I went with a simple low ponytail today- I was feeling very blech this morning so simple hair was a must. I like how the layers in my hair form those flippy waves when it is worn this way.

The plants finally moved to their actual homes!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Meh, not so sure about this outfit

Pants: Gap; Tank: Gap;
Cardi: Old Navy; Shoes: Nine West
Pendant: gift

Today I grabbed another older pair of pants. I love plaid pants! These pants and the ones from Wednesday have a much more flattering strait leg (ok, so they're the same pants). However, after sitting folded up in my closet for probably a year and a half, they could use a serious iron! What would you pair this tank with?

I'm not really sold on this outfit- I think it's the tank top. What on earth does one wear chartreuse with? I thought pairing it with purple was a little Joker-esque, but with these brown plaid pants I fear it may just in fact be ugly.

This pendant was a gift from my parents- I think they got it while on vacation somewhere fun and exotic. It can be worn as either a pin or pendant, but I've only ever worn it on a chain like this.

I love these shoes! Unfortunately though, they are actually narrow and looked all sorts of freaky when you see the whole foot- the toe box is much narrower than the rest of the foot. Whatever- they look great with pants!

Today I went back to my normal, wavy, frizzy hair. Confession time: I'm mildly obsessed with my hair. So here's a mini collage*!
*The collageyness didn't quite work, but whatever.

I need to get it cut- I feel like the bottom layer is starting to look I have bad extensions!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

$4 pants and a blowout

Cardi: H&M; Shirt; J Crew;
Pants: NY & Co, consignment shop;
Shoes: Audrey Brooke;
Bracelet: Brighton

Here they are in all their glory- my $4 pants! Between yesterday and today I am just so thrilled. I love both outfits and it feels soooo good to be in pants other than jeans. I used to think wearing any pants other than jeans outside of work or a formal occasion was lunacy, but here I am, giddy at the prospect. I guess the allure of the telecommuter wardrobe has really worn off!

I totally love these shoes- they are extremely comfortable and the little tassel is kind of cute.

This is a bracelet most of you can appreciate- it has little purse charms on it! Isn't it cute! It was a total bear to get on and to be honest, it's driving me a little nuts (it drags on my desk making noise and generally getting in the way), but it makes me feel just a little bit more put together. I really miss wearing bracelets.

I'm not sure what came over me today, but this morning I decided to blow out my hair strait. In the past, this was a process that would take a good hour- blowing it out with the dryer and brush, then going over it with either a flat iron or large barrel curling iron to finish it. I was never 100% thrilled with the way it came out and it took too long to do more than a few times a year. With my latest haircut though, I have a lot of layering on my crown, so the bulk of my hair is actually a lot shorter than usual. So today I just blew it out with a brush and I'm pretty damn pleased with the results. It took at most 20 minutes so it's doable on a more regular basis. The ends are not as polished as usual, but overall it has a lot more body than previous attempts yielded, so I'm overlooking the ends. I'll just say I was going for a bohemian look.

ETA: I've become more and more aware lately of how neutral heavy my wardrobe is, so I'm trying to be a little more colorful!