Thursday, August 27, 2009

Purple pirates

Shirt: F21; Jeans: Gap;
Shoes: Unlisted; Earrings: F21

Here is the shirt I purchased at Forever 21- it's it gloriously purple?!?! I really like the cut- It's pretty flattering and hides the bump from my belt pretty well. Below is a detail shot of the ruffles on the front- it's kind of like a sexy pirate shirt! th efabric is a lot nicer in person than it looks in the photo. For $10.50 it's actually quite a nice shirt.

With so much going on with the shirt, I decided not to wear a necklace. I grabbed the earrings I also picked up this weekend- perfect!

I opted to wear my super awesome red pattern shoes, previously gushed about here.

I styled my hair with a big barrel curling iron- but it's proving too time consuming to do on a regular basis. I'm thinking hot rollers would work better, but I've never used them and feel like I would just screw it up somehow. Anyone have any sage advice? Tips for a novice? Product recommendations?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My most perilous shoes

Cardigan: H&M; Shirt: NY&Co;
Shorts: Gap; Shoes: Chinese Laundry;
Necklace: Laila Rowe

These are without a doubt my most perilous shoes. They are fabulous and a bit absurd, but good gravy do I love them! I have only seriously fallen in them once, but I tend to break them out only for occasions where I don't need to be too mobile. Humorously enough, when I grabbed them this morning I thought 'Pssh- that heel isn't as high as I remember!', which is true, because in my mind they are roughly 6 inch stilettos- only 2 1/4" off! It's not the height so much as the absolute lack of support they offer. Sadly, these are not the most perilous shoes I've ever purchased, but the others have since been handed off to Goodwill.

Back to my current shoes. Aren't they cute?!?!?!
Yeah yeah, you shouldn't buy shoes you can't walk in. Whatever- I have a desk job!
And I am clearly sinking into my carpet. That makes them pretty comfy actually. :P

New topic. I like the way my hair looks a smidge stripey with my chunky highlights!
I think my makeup came out much better today- even if no one can tell a difference I am much happier with the results!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend shirt on a Tuesday!

Cardigan: H&M; Silky tank: Nine West;
Pants: NY&Co; Wedges: Chinese Laundry;
Earrings: ?; Necklace: Gift, beaded by mom

I picked this silky tank up a long time ago at Lord and Taylor. Oh L&T, how I miss you! Anyway, I love it but it certainly isn't a work shirt! It is a tank with wide straps, but the cut is kind of funky and wide up top, so I never wear it without a cardigan. But the low-cut front is what takes it out of the work rotation- it's showy for sure! Since I'm just headed to WW and the gym after work, I decided to give it a go mid-week because it makes me feel pretty. Though honestly, I should have saved it for Thursday since that's when both DH and I are free after work!

I wore some makeup today! Never mind that my hair is a fright- I put in extra effort! I used to have a makeup routine down pat- I was always pleased with how it came out. But the sheer foundation I used to use has since been discontinued and I've had to get a lot of new products. I'm not sure I've found the right combination yet, but I think a recent mineral veil product purchase has promise. I also tried using an angled brush and navy eye shadow as liner today, but I ended up looking like I had light blue eyeshadow on instead- not so much the look I was going for! You can see the necklace better here. My mom made it for me at a bead shop while we were on vacation.

Another pair of older earrings- love these little bears! I don't recall liking these as much in the past, so I'm glad I hung on to them. I'm not 100% sure they go with the necklace, but since you can't see them anyway I don't care- they make me happy!

I have always liked the detail on the front of this shirt.

Brown wedges. I realized when putting them on they are very similar in color and sheen to the shirt, but I really wanted to wear them so I decided matching was good today. :)

Monday outfit

Cardigan: Target; Shirt: Eddie Bauer;
Jeans: Old Navy; Shoes: Me Too;
Necklace: Forever 21; Earrings: ?

While battling the mall this weekend (I went for replacement flip flops but will have to wait until February!), I stopped into Forever 21. It's possible I've been in one before, and even tried something on, but this was my first time seriously shopping there. It was an interesting experience. I found myself carrying an armload of purple hued shirts to test out, and learned their very strict return policy. Only one top fit the bill, but I love it and all it's $10.50 glory. I found some of their jewelry to also be quite fun, and nabbed this stellar necklace and a pair of earrings. The earrings aren't the highest caliber, but they are fun and will get their share of use. the necklace and shirt however, are both really great. The necklace especially! It actually seems like it won't fall apart on me! The shirt I will have to be gentle with, but it's not an everyday item anyway. Hopefully I'll wear it later this week!

See all it's leafy goodness?

This is another pair of earrings found wandering the jewelry box. they have gotten much, much use over the years, though nothing in a few years. I enjoy deciding whether to make them face each other or look away in anger. Today they faced each other :)

Saturday outfit

Jacket, tank, shorts: Gap; Shoes: Sears

Eeek! I'm falling way behind! I threw this on to go brave the mall and hit up Ikea. I'm not sure when the change occurred, but these days I do not find the mall to be a very pleasant experience. It's too crowded, and I've grown too accustomed to the leisurely browsing that online shopping allows. While I don't see myself converting to an online shopper for clothing, for items like shoes and accessories, online is the way to go!

Also, blame my husband for the terrible picture. And I guess also me for not making him take another one :P

These shoes cost me $6.99 at Sears! They were a little uncomfortable at first, but proved most useful while away at the beach. Granted, part of their high usage is due to the fact that my dog destroyed my flip flops, but nonetheless I enjoy them quite a bit and am glad they are a part of my shoe wardrobe!

I decided to do something a little different with my hair. I liked this a lot- it felt styled without the effort of drying it, and I got the benefit of having it down and wavy without having to actually deal with it being in my face! I will certainly be doing this again.

When I decided to start this blog, I had come to a point where I was tired of looking like a schlep. When I worked in an office I was capable of throwing together some nice things. while I didn't always exercise that ability, I knew it was there so I didn't as much mind looking terrible on the weekends. As a result, I never really mastered 'nice casual', but I knew it was time, specially with my new work situation. So whenever I realize that I've been able to meet that goal, I'm thrilled. Saturday was a prime example. While there is nothing particularly thrilling about what I wore that day, the fact is I looked about a million times better than I would have on the same type of day a few months prior. In addition to the outfit above, DH and I went out later int he evening when it was much cooler. I was able to quickly grab a cardigan, jacket, jeans and shoes to provide me with a stylish outfit that was more temperature appropriate, and it took almost no effort. That is major progress in my eyes!

Friday, August 21, 2009

T: Old Navy; Cardigan: Old Navy;
Jeans: Gap Outlet; Shoes: Zigi NY;
Jewelry: gifts

these are new skinny jeans I picked up at the Gap outlet while on vacation in DE last week- I love them. They are very comfortable and flattering, though they need a bit of a hemming. I was hoping wearing this cardigan open would sort of balance things out, but I'm not 100% sure I think it does. I was in a rush this morning, so it had to do.

Inspired by yesterdays fun pin, I decided to dig through my earrings and wear something a little different! These were a gift a long time ago (no idea from where, may have actually been given to my mom). They started out life as having an additional piece so there were actually twice as long! My mom shortened them up and gave me these. I used to wear much larger earrings when I was younger, and had quite the colorful collection. I'm not sure how many I have left- it's possible there is an old jewelry box running around my basement holding all manner of wild oversize earrings from the 80s and 90s, but only fairly reasonable ones are up in with my regular jewelry. I don't usually wear dangly earrings because I feel like they get lost in my hair- both visually and physically!

Finished things off with my sweet 16 necklace!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Jacket: Gap; Shirt: NY & Co;
Cami: Banana Republic; Jeans: Old Navy;
Shoes: Nine West; Pin: unknown

Ahhh Thursday- how nice of you to arrive and plop me on the downward slope to the weekend! The picture on the right has far better coloring, but I cut off the tips of my head and feet! So you get two not all that different poses today. All I did was slightly shift the angle between taking these two photos- or perhaps the sun decided to come out?

I always love the way pins look on all the fashionable ladies whose blogs I frequent, but I never really had any pins to give it much of an effort. Or so I thought! I have had this fishy pin for pretty much ever, so I decided it was high time he made his way onto actual clothing. I'm not sure if you can see the cami all that well, but it has lovely lace along the top. I have this cami in a light sea glass-y blue as well, and both are beautiful, but oddly cut. There is also a nice lace trim all along the bottom, but you never see it because they are so short! Apparently Banana Republic thinks we should all be out gallivanting in our under layers only.
This is one of the many items I have been toting around with me over the years that I've never really done anything with, other than pack and unpack. so it's thrilling to be able to actually *use* it. So no, this isn't some ironically hip thrift store find, but just something kitschy I've owned since I was a wee lass.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Practical clothing

Jacket: Liz Claiborne via consignment shop;
Grey slacks: Old Navy; Shirt: H&M;
Shoes: Me Too; Necklace: gift

Yesterday I swung by my local consignment shop and apparently it was awesome jacket day because there were several that I wished I could take home. The only one that fit well enough to come with me though was this hot pink suede number. I think it will be the perfect piece for Fall. So rugged and practical, no? It's probably a million degrees outside but since it isn't sunny, my brain says 'brrr!', so I am pleased to have this to wear today.

See how gloriously pink it is?

This necklace was a gift from a friend several years ago. I like it very much, but don't wear it much because I have no idea what it says. I certainly hope my jewelry isn't saying anything rude!

Today's pictures were taken in yet another room- I think they came out pretty well. It seems to be the brightest room in the house!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to the grind

cardigan, polo: old navy; jeans: eddie bauer;
flats: rocket dog

Well I'm back from 10 days away from home, so it's back to the daily grind of thinking big thoughts early in the day, and having to make clothing decisions beyond 'which swimsuit do I want to wear'?

Did I forget to mention once again that I would be gone from ye old computer for an extended period of time? Eeek! I really do need to get better about that. Well no more travel for at least a month!

As one can imagine, I'm feeling more than just a wee bit behind today, so no deep thoughts. But apparently lots of rambling! I've got a full google reader to contend with and a forest of weeds taunting me (those gardens require a lot of work), so it's busy times for Jess ahead! In addition to some replacement flip flops (puppy ate the last pair), maybe I should go buy a machete this weekend. Hmmmmm.

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Summer 'do

shirt & jeans: Old Navy; cardigan: H&M;
slipper: Minnetonka; necklace: ???

Why yes, I *am* wearing my slippers! I'm not feeling tip-top (I actually 'went home early' on Friday because I felt so craptacular), so slippers were appropriately cozy. Despite my feeling less than stellar all weekend, I actually got a lot done including a trip to the hair salon for my annual bleach blitz.

Yup, this is my traditional summer hairdo. Every year, usually the 2nd week of August, we ship off for a week at the beach with my husband's family. It always inspires me to go a little shorter and a lot blonder than the rest of the year. I've gone with highlights this light before, but never so chunky. I like it!

Look at those big swaths of blond! They're almost white- and surely they will only get lighter after a week in the sun.

It feels super short, but really isn't all that short- see?

Lastly, let's all take a moment to appreciate what is probably my strangest necklace. I'm not sure where I got this little guy- outdoor music festival is my guess. When I was getting ready today, the usual silver pendant necklace just wasn't going to cut it- clearly today was a gnome day. Best part? There are slip knots on the cording so you can adjust the length! I usually just leave it long, but you could easily sport a gnome choker if you wanted.