Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The twee-est of skirts

Skirt & Tank: Gap; Sweater, leggings: Old Navy;
Shoes; Me Too

A while back I mentioned how in cleaning out my closet I had some skirts that I was thinking about getting rid of- this is one of them. It's a bit, uh, youthful seeming. It also had a few other problems related to length and weird seems causing it to stick out a bit at the sides, but those seem to have dissipated mostly as it now sits lower on my body. Plus, this skirt over leggings is a lot different than over bare legs- so much so that I am quite pleased I kept it and totally love it! Yes, it's still very twee and isn't exactly a winter outfit, but it's fun and got me wearing something new and different. The leggings? Um, they may or may not actually be gym leggings.

See how pretty it is though?

Apparently it is going to be a very long work week, but I've got some fun social plans coming up so I'm in a great mood!
Obligatory twirly shot:

construction, next 100 miles

Sweater: Filene's Basement; Shirt: H&M;
Slacks: Gap; Shoes: Target;

I've had this sweater for a few years, and I'm not sure if it was always this short but it's just way too short. However, layering it over a button-down seems to be the perfect solution! I love the preppy look anyway, and this of course protects more of my skin from the terror of non-cotton sweaters. This one isn't so bad actually- it's Merino and is light enough in weight that I wasn't melting by the end of the day.

Monday was another class ring day! This one is from College. Unfortunately one of the side stones is missing- I think that's actually the reason I stopped wearing it.

The best part of my ring is that my major is listed on it! See how it says 'Math' in that delicate little script? Awesome! Oh, and don't you like my nail polish? so subtle and refined :D It's completely ludicrous and I absolutely love it!

I think it makes my sparkly zebra stripe shoes seem subtle!

Kitty pin day! Still using a safety pin. It's alarming how often safety pins make their way into my wardrobe....

false sense

Jacket: Banana Republic; Shirt: NY&Co;
Jeans: Gap; Shoes: Madden Girl

Friday outfit. Extra fun for Girl's Night Out that evening! I had been planning on changing into flats after work because I knew these shoes would not bee the wisest choice for tromping through downtown Cincinnati, but the oh-so-nice repair man who came to fix my fireplace was so enamored with my shoes, it feel into false sense of security. I think his comments that he missed that women no longer wore heels (wait- what?) inspired me a little too much and I never did change into sensible flats.

My poor, poor feet! I was standing all night and am waaaaaay out of practice! But hey, I at least looked good. I loved the bright shiny teal in contrast to the rich soft orange of the jacket. I'm a sucker for cute shoes I guess.

I wore my watch all day long- I think it's just the right wrist I need to leave naked for work.

I loved having my shirt collar flared out over my jacket- that style always make me think of the 70's and hipsters like Charlie's Angels.

My new haircut responds quite well to the big curling iron- go Noelle!

invisible jess

So I've been falling a bit behind in blogging, though I have been managing to take some pictures! Here I actually didn't have time to take my usual shots, but realized if I was at least neat about it I could easily take a pic of my outfit on the bed!
I love this pin and think it looks great on a blazer. This pin, much like my purple sparkly flower pin, is pretty heavy so I feel pretty limited in how I can wear it. I'll have to keep weight in mind whenever I look to buy more pins!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Socks away!

Sweater, skirt: Old Navy; Shirt: Express;
Socks: Target; Necklace: Laila Rowe;
Flats: Chinese Laundry; Boots: Kamik

I've seen a few people sporting super long wooly socks and they always look great, so when I saw a pair in Target a few weeks back I couldn't resist! I think the proportions are better with boots vs. flats, but the only boots I own which would work are my rain boots- so I guess I looked my best during my lunchtime walk with Madison!

I left this picture uncropped because I'm a sucker for my pup- I think it's hysterical when you see that little peek of her looking sullen. She got all excited when I grabbed the boots, because boots = outside time!

For some reason I got the urge to wear my high school class ring. Isn't it gloriously class-ringy? I have one from college too :P The sides show the two sports I played in HS: tennis and softball. I was terrible at both! They were a ton of fun though, and no one seemed to mind my lack of abilities. Softball away games were the best- what high schooler doesn't love a trip to McDonald's?

I acquired some new nail polish recently- this is from OPI's suede collection. I love it! It dries really fast and you don't use a top cost with it, and it is very easy to apply and generally user friendly. I would like to grab a few more of the shades from this collection- I wonder if I can find them in a store....

I thought the yellow beads would be a nice complement to my ridic green socks!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The power pout

Sweater: the one non-cotton sweater I own that does not make me want to
rip my limbs off. Cashmere, from somewhere....

So here I am, dashing upstairs over the last few moments of lunchtime to take my blog pictures and what have do I see on the bed? Why nothing other than the power pout:

I unfortunately did not have time to take Maddy for a walk and cruelly refused to let her tackle the nice man who came to replace some old rusty valve thingy on our gas line, so she was forced do nothing other than pout the fiercest pout I have seen in ages. Poor thing! I tried to making it up to her by taking some pictures of us posing together- she's working on her Vogue look. What do you think?