Friday, January 8, 2010

Prima perhaps?

Jacket; Liz Claiborne, pants: Gap;
Sweater; Loft; Flats: Nine West

A pretty simple outfit for today in terms of pieces, but I don't think it's boring. It's hard for hot pink suede to be boring :) I bought this jacket at my local consignment shop many moons ago, but it took just shy of forever for me to get a can of spray protectant for it, but it is finally sprayed and I feel comfortable exposing it to the dangers of my untidy life! At first I wished I could add a pin to this outfit, but I wouldn't dare stab wither the sweater or jacket with a pin, but the simplicity of it all has grown on me this morning. I finished it off with some fun black pearls.

This shot does a better job showing of the fantabulous pink color! i have to say though, something about this color combination makes me think of scrapbooking. Must have been the color scheme of a header I've seen on some blog or website! funny what memories clothing can dig up...

There is some excitement in my outfit today- I have super-disco-sparkly-nails! The base color is actually a dark green shimmer. I yearn for warm weather so that my hands can actually be exposed outside- my nail polish will look so much better in direct sunlight!


Work With What You've Got said...

Love the blazer, hot pink IS never boring, and ADORE the nails!~ OMG!

Bianca said...

I think that Blazer is gorgeous!! Love the color, and fits well too.

I also have starting being wary about putting pins into my clothes. I keep meaning to find my hot glue gun, so that I can start converting my pins into pieces that are held on via magnets so that I do not have to stick the actual pin into the fabric.

Jess said...

@Erin- Hee hee- I've been on a glitter kick with my nails! My husband finds them a little funny, but I love them. I no longer dye my hair, so this is satisfies that urge!

@Bianca- OMG that is genius! I've used tape to hold a few lighter pins on myself- I like that method but it definitely won't work for all pins/fabrics.

Kelly said...

Hot pink + sparkles = awesome!!